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Who is Ugo Ghini?

He sees the world differently than many others. He ignores and tears apart the truth in order to recompose it. Destruction becomes a new perfection in which one can sink, transform and rediscover oneself. Ugo Ghini invites viewers to immerse themselves in his world


But who is this Ugo Ghini?

Ugo Ghini is the artist's name of architect D.I. Wolfgang Brunbauer. This name stems from the early 1970s. At that time, the young architect was an aspiring civil engineer who started working for the Vienna urban planning department after his studies. Since he still wanted to express himself critically on socio-political issues in addition to his work in a public office, he created an alterego for himself. With a Peruvian stocking mask, he thus became Ugo Ghini on many occasions. (Picture: Book about the architectural group "Zünd-Up")

How does he see the world?

You can certainly say that Ugo Ghini does indeed see and experience the world somewhat differently than many others. Perhaps it is because of his schooling, his past as an architect and entrepreneur, his artistic nature or simply his socio-cultural interest. His aesthetic sensibility is undisputeable underlined by the fact that some of his works (like Arena Nova) have been awarded with architectural prizes. (Image: Arena Nova, Wiener Neustadt - Photographer: Linie29 - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0).

When Ugo Ghini explains his art, he talks about literally destroying artificial images from glossy magazines. He deconstructs the unnaturally beauty. And then each piece finds its place as if by magic. Intentionlessly, he puts together new creations and something completely new emerges. Only later are the pictures combined into "collections", (also called "collections" or "albums" here).


Images of devotion

When the artist talks about his pictures, he likes to call them "devotional images". They invite one to delve into them and discover new aspects again and again.

It is perhaps interesting in this context that the actual original collage is only about 20x30cm in size (approx. DIN A4). The dimensions vary from picture to picture. We enlarge these pictures to the desired format with the original prints.  

The art is more alive than ever

Even though the now mature architect has been creatively active for many years, he has only been making this kind of crack collage since the mid-2010s. Initially, he started for himself in his meditative study until his daughter finally nudged him to have an enlarged print made. After that, many, many hours of creating followed and a rich portfolio of great works that is still growing and growing.