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Wall image or poster?

We decided to offer Ugo Ghini tear collages in two different standard printing variants. Which ever is your prefered production type you can be sure that we pay utmost attention to the best possible quality. The colors of the reproductions match those of the original collage in a larger format.

Although printing is also possible in other manufacturing variants and can be implemented on request, we rely on by default pigment print on matt, lightfast paper.


The wall image format

The premium variant of the real Ugo Ghini picture is the wall image format. Here the pigment print on paper is laminated onto an aluminum compound panel. Additionally there is a mounting frame on the back.

Photo: (C) Ali Meyer



The fine art poster

The poster is of equally high quality as the wall image. The print is done on premium durable paper. However the poster does not have any mounting frames or patches for hanging it up on the wall and is much elaborate in production. Therefore it can be sold at a lower price. 

Foto: (C) Ali Meyer