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Image sizes

In order to make Ugo Ghini's art works more easily accessible, we have carefully created standard sizes. The original collages have different side to side ratios meaning different heights and widths. This is why each image is a little bit different.

In order to harmonize this situation, we decided to define standard heights of images (when they are portrait-format). The width adjusts to the height according to the side to side ratio of the original collage.


Standard sizes for the wall image format

This results in the following standard sizes for the wall image format (paper on aluminum compound material) with a hanging frame on the back:

60cm height --> S (small)
80cm height --> M (medium)
100cm height --> L (large)
120cm height --> XL (extra-large)

Wall-image sizes in comparieson to DIN A4 paper (29,7cm x 21cm) at a room size of 250cm.

Landscape format images are based on these sizes but do not necessarily follow the same logic. Consider that landscape formats have a much more surface at the same height of a portrait and therefore are treaded differently.


Standard sizes for the fine-art poster 

Since the images have different aspect ratios that do not match the standard paper formats, we also do not use them. However same as with wall images we have come up with a type of standardization for our application.

The longer side of the image is decisive. The smaller size adjusts to that according to the ratio in the same way described above. Each poster is cropped to the individual size.

50cm Höhe --> S (small)
70cm Höhe --> M (medium)
90cm Höhe --> L (large)
110cm Höhe --> XL (extra-large)

Poster sizes in comparison to DIN A4 paper (29,7cm x 21cm) at a room size of approx. 250cm - the right poster shows an optional frame of +5cm.

The standards we've defined are due to the paper used for production and are set in a way so that they match wall images when being used aside a wall image. Therefore the standard-poster size is 10cm less than the wall image.


Special sizes

It is possible to make any picture in any size. From miniature to house fronts, everything is feasible. Even other types of reproduction are possible if required.

We would be happy to respond to your inquiry and create a custom offer for you.