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What does "original print" mean?

The print is an original

We are offering original prints of tear collages by Ugo Ghini. This means that the prints from the collages are actually the originals themselves since they are authorized reproductions.

Bare in mind that the primary collages are actually quite small. They are usually around DIN A4 size and are enlarged at printing. This way you get to discover all the details to be found within each piece of art.


Types of reproduction

The prints can be obtained in several different types of reproduction

  • Fine-Art poster (with/out frame)
  • wall-image - pigment print on high quality papier, laminated onto aluminium compound panels
  • Image covered with silicone protection panel
  • Canvas print

In this webshop only Fine-Art posters with and without frames are available. In direct sales or upon request all other reproduction types are possible.

Limited edition images have a maximum of 10 print runs and can only be purchased in wall-image format.


The high-end paper prints are laminted onto aluminium compound panels. A metal mounting on the back enables buyers to immediatily hang them onto their walls. The premium printing quality highlights the contrast and the broad variaty of details of each piece of art. A real Ugo Ghini delivered as a wall image conveys style and inspires creativity.



Fine-Art posters can be pinned to the wall directly or placed as decorative wall-art together with a frae. The frames are presently available in black, white and wodden colour. Custome sizes and special requests are most welcome.