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What does "original print" mean?


We are offering original prints of tear collages by Ugo Ghini. This means that they are originals in the form of authorized reproductions.

You have to keep in mind that in most cases the original image is only about DIN A4 in size (i.e. about 20x30cm) and has to be enlarged accordingly in order to appear in its full glory. In this way we are also able to offer the pictures in many different sizes.


Print type

The pressure is on high quality pigment printing which is UV resistant ist. He takes place on matt, lightfast paper with a very high degree of whiteness.

Depending on the version, the image is displayed as "wall image format" printed on paper and then laminated onto aluminum compound panels.The plate thickness is about 3mm.


The images can also be ordered as "fine-art posters". This is a somewhat cheaper but high-quality form of reproduction.

Photo: (C) Ali Meyer



The embossing confirms the authenticity

An embossed stamp with the artist's signature can be attached to any picture upon request. This stamp once again confirms the authenticity of the authorized print. Only pictures that can be proven to have been purchased from us will be stamped.


*** Limited Edition ***

A special selection of images is only available in a limited edition of a maximum of 10 pieces per work available. We keep registry about pieces sold and, on request, a certificate of authenticity can be issued in addition to the embossing.


Original collages

The original collages are also available for purchase. We look forward to your inquiry.