Wide or narrow passe-partout

Wide or narrow edge

The edge of each picture is white. Despite this form of production, this gives the picture a pass-partout effect.

There are pictures with narrow and wide borders. "Narrow Edge" means that the white border with a picture height of 80cm in about 5cm amounts to. For a picture with "wide margin" are these at the same height 10cm.

This border is not constant, but scales directly from the standard size depending on the image size. This means that a narrow border for a 120cm high picture is about 7.5cm and for a picture with a wide border it is about 15cm.

Note: In some images, the colored scraps also go to the actual edge of the image.

Example: Using the picture "Lemons Smiles"


Why don't all images have both margin sizes?

Not all images are available in both versions. A picture with a wide frame may shine better as a stand-alone picture in a large room than in a narrow version, but in the end it is a matter of taste. Here, too, we can respond to special requests for a surcharge.