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Large image

The original collages by Ugo Ghini have a size of approx. DIN A4. There is a very high density of details in these collages. It is often the case that the viewer looks at the same picture over and over again and discovers new objects or connections.

Then, for example, a new face suddenly appears, the kettle, which previously seemed to be an earring, is now a piece of furniture in a kitchen composition.

For this reason, Ugo Ghini decided to have his pictures reproduced in large format and to make them available as "Oringal Prints". When this small collage becomes a large mural, even more details become visible. As a viewer, you have the opportunity to really enter into a dialogue with the picture.

By default, the images are 120cm on the long edge. A reproduction in a different size is possible, but here too each image is printed a maximum of three times.