"The whole thing is more than the sum of its parts."



A new art form 

It is an idiosyncratic approach to tearing up a wonderful, artistically created photograph and breaking it up into random scraps of paper and then putting it back together piece by piece. Our artist, Ugo Ghini, does this away from the liver. He deliberately destroys the seemingly real flawlessness.


Torn and dismantled

He's doing this too lustfully at the moment. He prefers to process artificially arranged, retouched and neatly composed images from glossy magazines. He tears them up into pieces of paper and then puts them together as he likes. One leg wanders where it finds ground and a headlight of a car could then suddenly be recognized as an eye. It is partly arbitrary and then again precise intention.


Something really new

It is like Aristotle said, the whole is now more the sum of its parts again. BUT it's a new picture. Perhaps you can still vaguely recognize the original features or details, but the overall structure is different and no longer represents what it used to be. Ugo Ghini says: "The picture says nothing. It is!" and as a viewer one wonders whether this is really the case.


A devout discovery experience

The artist himself, however, calls his pictures affectionately "Devotional Images". When he creates it, he says, he is fully immersed in the picture and unfolds in his mind's eye like a panopticon.

And again he emphasizes when asked about it: "I intend with these pictures under no circumstances to say anything specific. Every picture is created very easily for me. A world of its own opens up that has to be coherent in itself."


From small to large

Indeed, if you suddenly look at a picture in large format long enough, you will always notice new details. New things emerge and others take a back seat. 

It is also astonishing that the raw crack image as a collage is usually only about A4 format (i.e. about 20x30cm). This image is digitally recorded and laminated onto high-quality matt paper using pigment printing on aluminum composite panels. With an aluminum support frame on the back, it can then be hung up nicely in all possible sizes. A special stamp with the artist's signature certifies the authenticity and originality of the picture.


Get inspired!

So it is worth immersing yourself in Ugo Ghini's pictures. Perhaps you can easily click through the webshop or leaf through one of the Catalogsand then a very specific motive speaks to you. We can only recommend: Treat yourself to a Ugo Ghini, because it will enrich your life.


Stay tuned!

We would be happy to gradually tell you more about the world of Ugo Ghini and his pictures. If you have a question, feel free to write to us directly. We look forward to reading from you office@ugoghini.com.



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