Do artists love to show themselves? Do you like to be in the spotlight? Not every creative spirit would like to be seen or enjoy showing themselves in public, and yet it is in the nature of things that artistic people also present the product of their creative work in public. After all, the soul of the artist becomes visible with every exhibition of art.


Successful premiere exhibition in autumn 2021

In any case, Ugo Ghini agreed to this in the context of the first lineup "Ugo Ghini - the unveiling" from September 30th to October 3rd, 2021 in the "Alte Carpentry" in Gumpoldskirchen, south of Viennato lift the veil a little and share his works with interested visitors.

Over 4 days were 25 carefully hand-selected works from the current collection as well as a few special exhibitsthat are currently not yet available online. Every day the artist personally welcomed the guests and provided an insight into his world. He told about the why and what for? He talked about the creation of the collages, his own story and and which muse kisses him while creating them.

Photo (from left to right): Laura Brunbauer and Lukas Brunbauer (as promoters) and Ugo Ghini aka Arch. D.I. Wolfgang Brunbauer


Ugo Ghini a special story of anonymity

Anonymity or the non-direct recognizability is a doubly interesting matter in Ugo Ghini's case, because behind this artist name hides the Entrepreneur and Architect D.I. Wolfgang Brunbauerwho already coined this name in the early 1970s in order to give space to his socially critical activities in addition to his work as an aspiring urban planner for the municipality of Vienna.

Back then, Brunbauer masked that with a Peruvian hat Alterego Ugo Ghini under which he has been creating these incredibly versatile art collages today (or since around 2015).

As promoters, we have made a conscious decision to continue this non-direct recognizability in this way and we are pleased that Ugo Ghini works artistically in all his manifestations and shares his art with us and the world.

Photo: (C) Pia Baresch, actress and singer Pia Baresch and Ugo Ghini reverently look at fine art posters.

Fine art posters are now also available

Due to a circumstance that was not necessarily intended, we also saw a few in addition to the standard mural design (aluminum composite with laminated paper) as part of the exhibition Exhibits in poster format exhibited.

In the end it seems to have been a coincidence, because this format was very well received by the visitors. Due to the cheaper yet high quality production method, we can offer these posters at lower end prices.


Original collages and limited editions were also purchased

We are particularly pleased that original collages and limited editions in mural designs have found new owners as part of the exhibition. This confirms the interest and that this type of art hits a very special nerve.

Photo: (C) Ali Meyer

How does it go from here?

We are open to further exhibitions, but at the moment we have nothing concrete in mind. We are negotiating with some interested parties about a temporary rental for promotional purposes. We can also imagine exhibiting certain works in a gallery. If you are interested in a cooperation or a recommendation, we look forward to establishing contact or contacting you.