Destroyed and reassembled, new things become visible. Choose the ideal image size for your environment.

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The right collage for everyone. Choose from a wide variety of tear collages.

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Art work to submerge yourself into

A Ugo Ghini tear collage invites you to submerge into it. Select your favorite art-work from one of the theme collections.

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Find the right picture ...

Browse our online catalog and get inspired. Here you also have the possibility to project each image with augmented reality into your environment.

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The original from the original

The original Tear collage is approximately A3 / A4 in size. The original works of art are digitized in the highest quality and reproduced in the desired size for art connoisseurs on high-quality aluminum composite panels.

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Who is Ugo Ghini?

Who is Ugo Ghini?

He sees the world differently than many others. He ignores and tears up the truth in order to then recompose it. The destruction becomes a new perfection in which one can sink, transform and rediscover. Ugo Ghini invites viewers to immerse themselves in his world.